How often do you notice electrical or traffic signal boxes?  Maybe never.  Their current design doesn’t beckon for them to be seen.  What if we turn these boxes into a canvas to highlight the magic within our Skagit?  The beauty of our county is undeniable in its diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna and in the wonderful people who make this corner of the world shine.  We are offering you an opportunity to share your voice and artistic talent to showcase what makes Skagit county special.

Magic Skagit is a multi-year public art project throughout Skagit County devised through a collaborative process involving three non-profit organizations: Skagit Community Foundation, the Museum of Northwest Art and Voices of the Children. The project seeks to reflect a sense of place within our area and answer the question, “What's the magic in your Skagit?”

Skagit County graphic

The goal of this project is to foster connections between our communities while creating collaborative art projects that surround us with inspiration and highlight the beauty of what makes Skagit unique.


Not artistic? Don't worry!

We invite any group within Skagit County to apply.  Examples of groups could include, but are not limited to, school classes, churches, civic clubs, organizations, Tribes or just a group of friends who want to be involved.  Really, the possibilities are endless!

Once your group has applied and been accepted, we’ll invite a representative from your group to an informal training.  At the training you will learn how to lead your group through the process of discovery that will culminate in a finished work of art on a public utility box.

Guiding your group through our provided curriculum will culminate in the creation of a group poem.  This poem will yield many images that reflect the ideas of what makes Skagit County magical to your group.  Not a poet?  Again, don’t worry.  By the time you’re done with this project… you will be!

From here, we publish your poem in a Call-to-Artists.  Any artist that lives or works within Skagit County can apply to reimagine the images within your group poem into a beautiful work of art that will be printed on vinyl and wrapped around a public utility box.  And your group will be part of the process of selecting the right artist.



If you and your group would like to participate in this year's Magic Skagit program, please use the form below to sign-up. Deadline for a group to sign-up is Friday, October 8th.


"Magic Skagit" is the inaugural poem for the project. It was written by representatives from the Museum of Northwest Art and Voices of the Children and read by Skagit River Poetry Foundation Student Poet Laureate, Lucy Shainin.

The winning artwork, "MURAL" by Sarah Denby, is located on a traffic signal box at the corner of 1st and Division Streets in Downtown Mount Vernon.